Migaloo the White Whale

Migaloo, Whale Watching

What can i say? A once in a life time opportunity today seeing Migaloo the white whale swim past the coast of Sydney.

We knew he was due as he had been seen a few days earlier and with a bit of guesswork we figured he may come past Sydney today. We had people up on the cliffs from 6:30 am to make sure we would not miss out.

Finally at 3pm we got the call that he is off Cronulla and thanks to our fast boats we managed to get next to him and watched him until sunset.

He was travelling in a competition pod of 5 adults with an average speed of about 7kts and a great deal of zigging and zagging. There is an exclusion zone of 500m around him which we stuck to but with the nature of a competition pod its sometimes hard to predict where they will come up next.

We got extremely lucky and had Migaloo come up just 5m next to our boat – what a sight that was!

An incredible day our passengers wont forget…

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