Our First Weekend

And our 2020 whale watching season is finally up and running! We had our first cruises with passengers over the weekend.

Typically our season starts around the middle of May with the first whales starting to migrate past Sydney. During this time we might get a trip or two without seeing whales and it takes a couple of weeks for whale numbers to increase to a level where it becomes very easy to find them.

Starting towards the end of June felt a bit strange actually as it is the peak of the northern migration with hundreds of whales swimming past per day already. Not something we are used to seeing for the first official weekend of our season.

But having whales all over the place is of course a great way to start the season, as finding a pod that is exciting to watch becomes easy: We got lucky on both days and saw quite a bit of activity from various pods.

Lets hope we continue our season like we have started it! 🙂

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