September 2020 Update

Just as we suspected, we saw a lot of calves moving past throughout September. Watching calves is a highlight of the season for many of the crew. These calves are learning how to use their bodies in the water and tend to mimic all behaviours the adults do. They just don’t have the muscle power to quite pull it off, making it very entertaining to watch!

We saw plenty of calves breaching, with Sydney’s stunning coastline as the backdrop. Almost all of these calves will be cruising within a mile or two of the coastline. And, while the calves dominate most of the latter half of the season, we still see plenty of action from the adults. Whenever we see adults during this part of the season, we’re really reminded of their size. Fully grown the adults can be between 14-16m in length and up to 45 tonnes! This is as long as a bus and heavier than 7 elephants.

October will bring more calves and warmer weather, so a lot to look forward to!

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