The Scafidi Sisters


Meet the Scafidi sisters:

Kayla (left) is the more senior of the two. She is known as “Little Kay” and has been a deckhand with us for 5 years now. Hayley, known as “Hails”, followed soon after Kayla and has been a deckhand with us for 3 years .  They may not be that far apart in height, but aren’t twins as people often assume, as they are 4 years apart! Both have a bubbly personality and share the same enthusiasm for adventure.

Both have great passion for whales and you’ll find that they know a thing or two about them, so don’t be shy to ask them a question next time you see them on the boat.

These girls are at home on the open ocean, which they happily share with marine animals that come to play like dolphins and seals (which are their favourites!)